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    6 Tips for Businesses That Are Frequently Vandalized

    Are you constantly finding graffiti on your business? Graffiti is never a good look. It can make customers feel unsafe and can make your building the target of other types of crime. Unfortunately, it can be hard to manage graffiti once it gets started. The following are a few tips for protecting your business.

    1. Clean Up Graffiti Quickly

    Document graffiti when it happens by taking pictures, but remove it quickly. A little graffiti will quickly lead to more graffiti. Vandals are attracted to areas that are already vandalized because they suspect that the areas aren't being taken care of. The more graffiti your building has, the more attractive the area becomes.

    This can require some level of constant vigilance, but over time the amount of graffiti present will be reduced. 

    2. Get Professional Graffiti Removal

    Different surfaces need to be cared for in different ways. Removing graffiti from metal requires different cleaning solutions than removing graffiti from brick. Using the wrong cleaning solution could damage the surface or just be ineffective. A professional cleaner will know which type of cleaner to use for which type of surface.

    Professional cleaners also have tools such as power cleaners which can clean up graffiti faster and with fewer caustic chemicals. Power washers can also remove graffiti quickly enough that you can address graffiti faster, as mentioned above.

    3. Install Cameras

    Cameras don't need to be monitored to be discouraging. In fact, sometimes they don't even have to be real. Installing cameras around your business will discourage criminals of all types, as they will usually look for the weakest possible target.

    If your business does get vandalized, video proof can be all you need to give to the police to ensure that the vandals are caught. Often police already have a general idea of who is causing vandalism around their neighborhood. Since they can identify the top suspects, just having a clear picture can give them something to go on.

    4. Keep Your Building Well-Maintained

    Buildings that have fallen into disrepair are often assumed to have owners who are less conscientious about their building's appearance. Consequently, unmaintained buildings can be the primary target for graffiti artists and taggers who want to practice. The cleaner and better-maintained your building is overall, the less likely vandals will be to interfere with it.

    5. Light Up the Area

    An area that is well-lit at night is often an area that vandals don't want to mess with. If you don't want to waste electricity all night, consider motion-sensitive lamps. These lamps (which are often solar or battery powered) will turn on once they detect someone approaching.

    Most vandals are fairly skittish and want to be able to complete their painting unseen. However, some vandals do strike in broad daylight, so this isn't a surefire method of prevention.

    6. Consider Periodically Repainting

    Sometimes it may be cheaper and faster to repaint your building than to try to scrub all of the graffiti off. Every time vandalism is removed, a small amount of paint or surfacing will be removed as well. Over time, this can lead to dull, chipped walls.

    If you want to make sure your business looks the best, schedule a regular repainting. This will get rid of any remnants that you couldn't clean off while also discouraging future vandals for some time. Always pressure wash first to make sure that the surface is properly prepared for the cleaning.

    In some areas, graffiti is just a fact of life. If you have a lot of kids and teenagers around your business, it will happen. Dealing with it quickly and always reporting it to the police are the best steps you can take. To get your graffiti cleaned off fast, contact Appalachian Restoration & Cleaning.