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    Worried About Water Damage? Watch Out for These 8 Common Causes

    Residential mold carpet in corner
    Water damage is one of a homeowner's worst fears, and failing to clean up a flood quickly can lead to bigger issues such as wood rot and mold. The good news is that many causes of water damage are preventable if they are caught in time. Be aware of these common causes of leaks and floods so that you can protect your home.

    Watch Out for Invasive Roots

    That gorgeous shade tree by your window may help cool your house, but it could also have invasive roots that snake around your pipes. In time, the pressure from growing roots can break pipes and cause flooding near the base of your home. Use caution when planting, and consider removing trees with extensive root systems.

    Clean Out Your Gutters

    This is one home maintenance task that often gets overlooked, especially if you have high gutters on a multistory home. However, clogs in your gutters lead to water backing up, and it has to spill over somewhere. When it does, you may find it coming through your roof or exterior walls where it soaks into the building materials.

    Stay Alert for Hidden Leaks

    The majority of a house's plumbing system runs along the inside of the walls, floors and ceiling. For this reason, you might not notice a small leak until it has done considerable damage. Be alert for an unusually high water bill that cannot be explained by other reasons. It could mean a leak is happening in your house.

    Winterize Your Pipes

    During extremely low temperatures, water can freeze inside your pipes and cause them to burst. Once that happens, water floods into your home at a rapid pace. Always prepare your pipes by insulating them for the winter, and consider shutting the water off if you will be leaving your house for a long period of time.

    Watch Out for The Kids

    Those little ones are adorable, but they can rapidly generate a lot of water damage in a short period of time if they let the bathtub or sink overflow. Always supervise young children when they are in the bathroom, and teach them to come find you if they accidentally create a water catastrophe such as overflowing the toilet.

    Repair Roof Damage Immediately

    Water damage often occurs during a major storm when the roof is unable to keep out an onslaught of rain. Have your roof inspected yearly, and do it more often if you suspect damage from a sudden wind or hailstorm. Then, promptly repair any damage so that you never have to worry about suddenly getting inside.

    Inspect Your Pipes for Leaks

    That dripping sound you hear might not just be the faucet. Make it a point to check beneath your cabinets and along any visible plumbing for leaks. If you do discover one, have it repaired right away before it adds up to serious water damage.

    Maintain Your Water Heater

    Hot water heaters should last many years before they break or need replacement. However, a major leak coming from this appliance allows gallons of water to flow into your house. Consider replacing hot water heaters that are more than ten years old, and have younger ones inspected each year for signs of wear

    Clear Clogs the Right Way

    Pouring that drain cleaner down the pipes may seem like the fast way to get everything running again, but harsh chemicals can wear down your plumbing system. Instead, stick to using a plunger or drain snake, or call in the professionals who can remove clogs without creating a water leak.
    At Appalachian Restoration & Cleaning, we know that water damage can sometimes happen even with your best efforts for prevention. When you have a water-related emergency, we are here around the clock so contact us today to get started on your restorations.