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    Hard Surfaces

    Clean office wood floor
    Appalachian Restoration & Cleaning provides services to clean, restore and protect hard floor surfaces including ceramic tile with grout, VCT, sheet vinyl, vinyl walls, quarry tile and terrazzo, concrete and wood laminate flooring. Our expert team of professional technicians can help maintain and extend the life of this beautiful investment in your home or business.
    Ceramic Tile & Grout
    Ceramic tile and grout floors and surfaces can be deep cleaned and brought back to a clean and sanitary appearance.
    Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT)
    CT flooring can be stripped of old waxes, cleaned, re-waxed and burnished to leave a clean appearance.
    Vinyl Walls
    Vinyl walls can be cleaned to remove soil and contaminants, returning them to a fresh and clean appearance.
    Quarry Tile & Terrazzo
    Natural stone surfaces can be restored to a clean appearance.