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    High-Quality Mold Remediation Near Asheville, North Carolina

    Removing mold from the wall in the house

    What Causes Mold?

    Mold grows from spores that naturally live on everything around us. With the right amount of moisture and humidity, spores will quickly grow into harmful molds that can damage your home or business structure and cause significant health risks. It is therefore important to prevent conditions in your building from incubating spores and creating a damp environment where molds can flourish.

    Solutions Tailored to You

    When you suspect mold may be present on your property, or if it’s recently undergone significant water damage, it is essential that you schedule a professional inspection as soon as possible. Beginning the treatment process within 72 hours of a flooding event can even stop mold before it starts.
    Using technologically advanced equipment, we identify and stop any sources of moisture, test nearby surfaces for contamination and then apply remediation strategies including sanitizing affected areas and using air scrubbers to contain the spread of spores.

    Cleanup for Commercial Spaces

    Computers and electronic equipment collect dust, pollen, pet dander, mold and other allergens continually. This creates the perfect environment for contaminants to collect and grow mold. We specialize in on-site cleaning and sanitizing your electronics. We’ll clean the inside and outside of your computer, keyboard, mouse, telephones, credit card terminals, calculators and many other devices.
    Our unique two-stage technology uses the latest in HEPA filter vacuum systems and UV sanitation. We do not use any liquid spray disinfectants or sanitizers that can damage your equipment or cause unhealthy vapors to linger in work areas. Call our team of highly experienced technicians today to schedule a service that will keep you and your workforce productive and illness-free.

    Certified for Your Peace of Mind

    The professionals at Appalachian Restoration & Cleaning have over 30 years’ experience in water and mold damage remediation. We are licensed and Council-certified residential mold inspectors and microbial remediators. Moreover, we are proud members of the International Cleaning and Restoration Association and the Society of Cleaning and Restoration Technicians. You are getting the best service available when you call our team for quick and hassle-free help.