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    Reliable Water Damage Restoration Near Asheville, North Carolina

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    Professional Water Removal and Property Renewal

    Whether your waterbed leaks or a plumbing pipe bursts in your walls, water can cause significant damage to your home or commercial building. You can minimize the harm and future expense of repairs with our thorough restoration work. We will address the source of the flood, determine the sanitation risks of the spill and pinpoint all structural damage. Then we’ll dry and sanitize the area, making any repairs that are needed quickly and efficiently.

    We Address Spills From Any Source

    Determining the source of the flood water is important as well as identifying whether the water contains harmful bacteria such as waste, sewage or mold. We address water damage resulting from the following common situations:
    • Natural disasters
    • Broken water lines
    • Refrigerator and ice maker overflows
    • Tub and shower overflows
    • Aquarium leaks
    • Waterbed leaks
    • Dishwasher and washing machine discharges
    • Sewer and septic discharges

    Comprehensive Containment and Cleaning

    Our property restoration process starts with a meticulous inspection of your home or building. Once we confirm that the water source will not flood your premises again, we contain the spillage; extract standing water; clean up, disinfect and deodorize the surrounding surfaces; accomplish repairs to your structure; restore any damaged moveable items and then complete a wrap-up inspection. You can rest assured that our process will protect you from the secondary effects of water damage.

    Making the Process as Simple as Possible

    At Appalachian Restoration & Cleaning, we know that water spills in your home or business can cause stress, frustration and uncertainty. That’s why we work hard to make the cleanup and restoration process as easy and hassle-free as possible for you.
    From working directly with your insurance provider to our 24/7 rapid response, we provide the effective and trustworthy services that give you peace of mind that your property will be salvaged, dried and repaired quickly and safely. Our team has earned several certifications for water damage and applied structural damage drying. Put our experience to work for you.